Elevating Chicken Playtime with ZiDtia Coops and Toys


Elevating Chicken Playtime with ZiDtia Coops and Toys

Chickens, much like pets such as dogs and cats, possess a playful side that thrives on interaction, exercise, and mental stimulation. ZiDtia recognizes the importance of play in maintaining the health and happiness of your flock and offers a range of toys and accessories designed to enrich your chickens' lives, all compatible with our durable metal coops.

The Role of Toys in Chicken Behavior

Play is not just about fun for chickens; it's a critical aspect of their behavioral health, encouraging natural instincts such as pecking, foraging, and roosting. ZiDtia's collection of chicken toys and accessories provides endless opportunities for your chickens to engage in these natural behaviors, promoting a happy and active lifestyle.

ZiDtia's Innovative Roosting Solutions

Our metal coops come equipped with weatherproof roosting poles, allowing your chickens to enjoy their surroundings from a safe and comfortable perch. These adjustable perches can be easily integrated into any ZiDtia coop, offering a perfect spot for your chickens to relax and observe their world.

Chicken Swings: A New Level of Fun

ZiDtia introduces a unique chicken swing, designed to cater to your chickens' love of heights and motion. This swing not only provides a fun activity for your chickens but also enhances their sense of security and satisfaction by allowing them to perch high up.

Pecking Toys: Stimulating Natural Instincts

Our range of pecking toys, including pendant and ground-based models, ensures your chickens can fulfill their instinctual need to forage and peck. These toys are designed to slowly release food, offering a rewarding and engaging experience that mimics natural foraging behavior.

Interactive Feeding with ZiDtia Accessories

The Caddi Treat Holder and other feeding accessories transform mealtime into an interactive game. These tools not only entertain but also encourage healthy eating habits by stimulating your chickens' natural pecking and foraging instincts.

Non-Food Peck Toys: Beyond the Basics

ZiDtia's selection extends to non-food peck toys, offering a variety of textures and materials for your chickens to explore, peck at, and shred. These toys provide an outlet for excess energy and can help prevent behavioral issues like feather picking.

Integrating Toys with ZiDtia Metal Coops

Our metal coops are designed with the flexibility to incorporate a range of toys and accessories, ensuring your chickens have a stimulating environment that promotes play, exploration, and relaxation.


By understanding the vital role of play in chicken care and implementing ZiDtia's innovative toys and coops, you can provide your flock with a fulfilling and joyful life. Explore our range today and discover how easy it is to enhance your chickens' playtime.


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