"We believe in creating more than just products; we're sowing seeds of hope and responsibility by connecting with nature, nurturing life, and giving back to the community."

I'm Elara Zimmer, and I grew up in an orphanage in a small town in the Midwest of the United States. That orphanage was not just my home but also my first window to the world. Life there was simple yet filled with challenges. The orphanage sustained itself through agricultural activities like chicken farming, providing us with nutritious food. Being involved in these activities from a young age, I didn't just learn how to care for animals; I also developed a deep love for nature, a strong sense of responsibility, and a work ethic.

As I grew older, my passion and curiosity for animals drove me to seek further knowledge. I became an animal scientist, focusing on animal behavior and welfare. My work allowed me to delve into the beauty of these beings and strive to improve standards in the breeding industry.

An unexpected opportunity led me to participate in a child rescue mission in Africa and engage in learning exchanges at temples in Thailand. In these places, I discovered that many organizations improve children's nutrition and living conditions through chicken farming among other methods. These experiences profoundly taught me how animal breeding can be combined with social responsibility to bring positive change to communities.

Based on these insights and experiences, I founded ZiDtia, focusing on producing and selling high-quality metal chicken coops and related products. Beyond striving for business success, ZiDtia is committed to supporting child rescue activities by sharing our products and breeding expertise to help them take their first steps in farming.

do more in future...

  • Love Egg Project

    Dreaming of launching a love egg project to give back to those who have supported our brand and social responsibility efforts. Through this project, we aim to share the high-quality eggs produced by our farming activities with those in need, offering them nutritional support.

  • Foundation

    Establishing our own foundation dedicated to supporting child rescue initiatives and animal welfare activities. This foundation aims to carry forward and expand our social responsibility, enabling us to participate more systematically and extensively in addressing social issues.

  • More Product

    In the future, ZiDtia plans not only to introduce a wider range of products beyond our original metal chicken coops but also to use these new offerings to provide broader assistance to the community.