The Right Way to Pick Up a Cat: Tips from ZiDtia


The Right Way to Pick Up a Cat: Tips from ZiDtia

At ZiDtia, while we are known for our robust iron chicken coops, we also cherish the bond between pet owners and their cats. Picking up your cat might seem simple, but doing it right is crucial for maintaining trust and ensuring the comfort of your feline friend. Here's a guide to help you lift your cat safely and affectionately.

Preparing to Pick Up Your Cat

  1. Approach Gently: Always let your cat know you're approaching. Talk softly and pet your cat to gauge their mood. If your cat seems happy and relaxed, it's likely safe to pick them up.

  2. Signal Your Intentions: Continue to speak gently and maybe offer a treat to associate the experience with positive feelings.

How to Safely Lift Your Cat

  1. Proper Support: Place one hand behind the front legs and another under the hindquarters. Ensure you're supporting the cat’s entire body.

  2. Hold Against Your Chest: Gently pull your cat close to your chest to help them feel secure. Keep one hand under the hind legs and use the other to support their back.

  3. Continue Comforting: Keep talking to your cat in a soothing tone and stroke their fur to help them relax in your arms.

Things to Avoid When Picking Up a Cat

  • Never Grab: Avoid grabbing your cat suddenly or forcefully. This can cause anxiety and distrust.

  • Avoid Surprises: Do not pick up a cat without warning, as surprise can lead to fear and resistance.

  • Respect Their Wishes: Never force a cat to be picked up if they show signs of discomfort or reluctance. This respects their autonomy and prevents stress.

  • Improper Lifting: Do not lift adult cats by the scruff of the neck. This method is only suitable for kittens under six months old and can harm older cats.

Creating a Positive Experience

Ensuring that each interaction is positive builds a lasting bond between you and your cat. Consistent, gentle handling can make your cat more receptive to being held and cuddled in the future.


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