Getting Chickens FAQs


Getting Chickens FAQs

Bringing chickens into your life is an exciting endeavor filled with numerous benefits and some important considerations. ZiDtia is here to guide you through the process, from selecting the right chickens to providing them with a comfortable and safe home. Our innovative products, such as the ZiDtia Chicken Coop with Autodoor, make poultry care easier and more enjoyable.

Where Can I Buy Chickens?

There are several ways to welcome chickens into your home, whether through ordering chicks online, buying from local feed stores, adopting, or purchasing from breeders. Each method has its benefits, and your choice might depend on the time of year or the specific breeds you're interested in.

Expectations When Ordering Chicks Online

Ordering chicks online is convenient, offering a wide selection of breeds year-round. When your chicks arrive at the local post office, it's crucial to pick them up the same day to ensure their safety and well-being.

Can I Keep Chickens in My Yard?

Yes, you can! Chickens can thrive in your backyard as long as they have a designated space. ZiDtia's walk-in chicken runs and mobile coops allow you to manage your flock efficiently, even in smaller yards.

How Many Hens Can I Keep?

The number of chickens you can keep depends on local regulations and the space available in your yard. Regardless of your situation, providing ample space is key to a healthy and happy flock.

Can I Keep Just One Chicken?

Chickens are social creatures requiring companionship. It's best to keep a small flock to ensure their social and emotional well-being.

What Kind of Chicken Should I Get?

The type of chicken best suited for you depends on your lifestyle and chicken-keeping goals. From ornamental breeds to heavy layers, there's a chicken breed for every keeper.

Recognizing a Healthy Chicken

A healthy chicken is alert, has vibrant feathers, and exhibits typical chicken behaviors. Learning to perform a basic health check can help you select healthy chickens and maintain the well-being of your flock.

Financial Savings with Home Chicken Keeping

Keeping chickens can lead to savings on your grocery bill, especially with the rising cost of eggs. The initial investment in a quality coop, like those offered by ZiDtia, can be offset by the eggs your flock produces.

ZiDtia and Your Chickens

ZiDtia's range of chicken products, from coops to automatic doors, is designed to address the needs of modern chicken keepers, simplifying care and enhancing the chicken-keeping experience.

Choosing the Right Chicken Coop

Selecting the right coop is crucial. ZiDtia offers a variety of chicken coops to suit different needs and preferences, ensuring your chickens have a safe and comfortable home.

ZiDtia's Innovative Products for Chicken Care

From sleek coops to autodoors, ZiDtia's products are created to make chicken keeping accessible and enjoyable for everyone, regardless of their experience level.

Preparing Your Yard for Chickens

Before bringing chickens home, ensure your yard is ready to welcome them. ZiDtia's products can help create a secure and engaging environment for your flock.

Feeding Your Chickens

A balanced diet is essential for your chickens' health. We provide tips on feeding your flock to ensure they receive all the necessary nutrients.

The Health of Your Chickens

Monitoring your chickens' health is key to preventing and addressing issues early. ZiDtia's resources can help you recognize signs of healthy and unhealthy chickens.

FAQs About Chicken Behavior

Understanding chicken behavior enhances your ability to care for your flock. We answer common questions about chicken behavior and how to respond.


Keeping chickens is a rewarding experience, offering fresh eggs, natural pest control, and the joy of connecting with nature. With ZiDtia's support, you can embark on this journey confidently, knowing you have everything you need to provide the best care for your feathered friends.

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