Relocating with Your Cat


Relocating with Your Cat

Just as careful planning is essential when moving chickens to a new ZiDtia iron chicken coop, ensuring your cat’s comfort during a house move is crucial. Here’s how to make relocating as stress-free as possible for your feline friend, drawing on our expertise in secure animal housing.

Smooth Transitions for Cats

Pre-Move Preparation Before the move, take some of your cat’s belongings to the new house to make it smell familiar. This is akin to placing familiar bedding in a new ZiDtia coop to help chickens settle in.

Secure Your Cat on Moving Day Keep your cat in a quiet room with all her necessities until it’s time to go. This ensures she feels safe amidst the moving chaos, similar to how chickens are kept secure in a coop while their environment changes.

Use Pheromones for Comfort Consider using synthetic facial pheromones to help your cat feel at ease in the new environment, much like using calming supplements for chickens during their first few days in a new coop.

Set Up a Safe Room Upon arrival, confine your cat to a single room with all her essentials. This safe room will serve as her initial territory, similar to a chicken’s first enclosure in a new coop.

Gradual Introduction to New Spaces After your cat has acclimatized to the safe room, gradually introduce her to other parts of the home. This controlled exploration helps her adjust without becoming overwhelmed, paralleling how chickens are slowly introduced to larger areas of their coop.

Ensure Safe Outdoor Access When it’s time for her first outdoor adventure, do so before feeding to encourage her to return home for food. This tactic is used with chickens to teach them where 'home' is in their new environment.

Final Thoughts

Moving with a cat requires patience and understanding, just as setting up a new chicken coop involves meticulous attention to detail. By providing a secure and familiar environment from the start, you help your cat adapt more quickly and ensure she feels at home in her new surroundings.


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